Bloody Red Poppies

Bloody poppies
by Preston Peet
May 19, 2012

Scarecrow says he needs new brains.
I myself could use new veins.
The tin man wants a new heart,
I think that’s a good start.
I will never ever quit tryin’
seeking courage for my cowardly lion.
A bucket of water for the wicked witch,
and that yapping Toto is such a bitch.
Woods full of lions, tigers, and bears,
all do nothing but blink blank stares.
Oh no, oh yes, oh hell, oh my.
Flying monkeys soaring up high,
Maybe I could hitch a ride,
or perhaps instead I’ll lay here and hide.
Yellow bricks lead me nowhere
but to a wizard who doesn’t care.

Fields of poppies.
Wonderous poppies.
Who would have thought
I’d ever get caught,
by such beautiful poppies,
these bloody red poppies.
Fields of poppies,
Dark ruby poppies.
Who could have guessed
that I’d be seduced,
that I’d be reduced,
to be a permanent guest
of such deadly poppies,
these bloody red poppies?


About prestonpeet

Widely published author/editor, actor, musician, psychonaut, radical, adventurer, lover of all things strange, bizarre, bloody, beautiful and weird. Completely emphatic anti-Prohibitionist, and pro-legalizer across the board.
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