It’s Already Happened Here- A Review of “The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World.”

by Preston Peet

“The CIA is in charge of doing the things that are illegal and anti-democratic.” – Douglas Valentine

Douglas Valentine pulls no punches in his latest book, The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World. This is a book full of extremely hard truths. There is no dissembling, or beating around the bush here. It’s no wonder this book is published by the independent publisher Clarity Press Inc., out of Atlanta, Georgia, because it is chock full of information that will definitely never, ever be printed by any mainstream media outlet in the United States. For that matter, it’s going to upset most people who think the US government, military, and especially the CIA, are all good guys in it for the best of reasons and the betterment of humankind.


In 24 chapters, with titles such as “Propaganda as Terrorism,” “Creating a Crime: How the CIA Commandeered the DEA,” The Vietnam War’s Silver Lining: A Bureaucratic Model for Population Control Emerges,” “War Crimes and Policy,” “The Spook Who Became a Congressman: Why CIA Officers Cannot Be Allowed to Hold Public Office,” and “How the Government Tries to Mess with Your Mind,” Valentine illustrates quite clearly that the CIA operates not for the greater good of the American people, but rather acts solely for the benefit of those in the top one percent of our society who want to keep all that money they’ve hoarded and all the power they’ve accrued, not to mention for their own enrichment and empowerment too.

“How can people adapt themselves, and adjust their assumptions about reality, in order to be able to discern, within a media spectacle that produced Donald Trump as a viable presidential candidate, what is really happening and where messages are coming from? It’s an incredible challenge. People are so overwhelmed and alienated, they tend to withdraw – which is how Trump could create and control a social and political movement through Tweets and symbolic messages. How can anyone begin to sort this out by reading a few books, if you see what I’m trying to say.” -Douglas Valentine

It shouldn’t take a degree in rocket science to realize that society at large is not being informed of the complete story in so many instances by most of the press, in particular the mainstream outlets. The public in the United States is sold distortions and outright lies daily for many reasons, to justify the endless War on Some Drugs or the perpetual War on Terror, to prop up the hugely profitable private prison industry, to sell products that cause ill health, to enable banks and other large, corporate institutions and the top One Percent of society to continue to hoard all the money and power and privilege at the expense of the other 99 percent- or as has been the case for almost two centuries of newsprint, to simply sell copy. All the talk of “fake news” currently being bandied about is not wrong- we are inundated with fake news all day, every day, often as a part of official policy called Perception Management. It bears repeating- the pubic is fed fake news planted in the media (or with the media acting as willing participants) as an official policy for years, by a variety of sources, such as the military, corporations, politicians, and to a huge extent, the CIA.

“The CIA established a strategic intelligence network of magazines and publishing houses, as well as student and cultural organizations, and used them as front organizations for covert operations, including political and psychological warfare operations directed against American citizens. In other nations, the program was aimed [at] what Cord Meyer  called the Compatible Left, which in America translates into liberals and pseudo-intellectual status seekers who are easily influenced.

All of that is ongoing, despite being exposed in the late 1960s. Various technological advances, including the internet, have spread the network around the world, and many people don’t even realize they are part of it, that they’re promoting the CIA line. “Assad’s a butcher,” they say, or “Putin kills journalists,” or “China is repressive.” They have no idea what they’re talking about, but they spout all this propaganda.

Nowadays it goes way beyond the CIA. Several government agencies are propagandizing not only the American people but the world. This includes the State Department and the military. The military is the nation’s biggest advertiser, I believe, and the media depends on its revenue. Television, especially, isn’t dependent on viewers, but on advertisers. So the media is probably more financially dependent on the military and the State Department than it is on the CIA. But the CIA laid the groundwork.” -Douglas Valentine.

It’s Valentine’s premise that we are today living under an expanded Phoenix Program. First formulated by the CIA, along with US military lackeys, in the hills and jungles of Vietnam, then finely honed during the US’ years in Latin America, then Iraq and Afghanistan, this system of mass surveillance, with its network of informants and outright intimidation, has been brought home to the US citizen. Not so much to protect the citizenry from dangerous terrorists, but rather to prop up the Business Party, the real rulers of the United States.


Phoenix Program patch, found at


A major component of this, one that cannot and should not be ignored, is how the CIA has subverted the DEA and other so-called “anti” drug agencies in the US, not to mention in other countries too, such as Mexico and Guatemala. In the chapter “Beyond Dirty Wars: The CIA/DEA Connection,” Valentine makes clear how the CIA has worked steadily to destabilize the government of Mexico (and elsewhere South of the border), to keep the central government there weak so “Mexico can never develop into a strong economic or political adversary.” The US does this in a variety of ways, such as training foreign nationals in military schools like the infamous School of the Americas, renamed in 2001 as The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. They return to their home country highly trained in how to kill and basically be awful people, to fill death squads like the Kaibels in Guatemala, or to defect from their military and launch their own cartels, such as Los Zetas in Mexico. The CIA then manipulates the arms and drugs trades (think Fast and Furious operation), keeping the cartels fighting the government, not to mention at one another’s throats too, keeping the country in a constant state of violence.

Lest you think this is mainly happening South of the border, or across some vast ocean and far away, Valentine makes clear it is happening right here at home too. “At the other end of the pipeline, as Gary Webb revealed, they monitor the delivery of drugs to disenfranchised minorities in America, whom the police pit against each other and use as commodities to pack the prisons, where they are then exploited as slave labor,” writes Valentine.

“Here the social engineering is based on institutional racism. Again, you’re not allowed to talk about it, but people see it. Very sophisticated methods of social engineering are behind this, and the Black Lives Matter people have a hard time articulating it. And even if they do find the language, the media shuts them down, because you’re not allowed to talk about systematic repression. We’re a free country and that isn’t supposed to be possible.”

“These things were planned 70 years ago,” Valentine continues. “After World War Two, the big brains in industry and government prepared to rule the world. So this is not something that a magician pulled out of a hat. If you read the news, Americans are surprised every day by institutionalized racism and its attendant cycle of violence: the cops kill a black man, and then a black man kills some cops. We’ve been seeing it every day of our lives, but it’s always “news” that’s characterized as an aberration. But all these things, and the way they’re happening, were plotted decades ago. It was known back then that social engineering would be a more potent weapon than the atomic bomb.

“The CIA and the military hire the smartest anthropologists, sociologists and psychologists to figure out how to do this stuff. They have it down to a science called Human Factors. The way they have perfected things like Phoenix is beyond my knowledge. I don’t get to drive the latest Lamborghini. I have a Toyota. I was able to figure out some of these things 30 years ago, but the methods of preventing people from finding out have also improved and it’s harder than ever to know exactly what’s going on.

“That’s why you need a broad historical view. If you focus just on what’s happening now, you’re shocked every day by what you see. We need to develop a collective historical consciousness to understand the predicament and to be able to do something about it, to stop being manipulated by the press on a daily basis. The media have us trained like sex-texting teenagers to focus on things that have nothing to do with how our perceptions of events are being controlled. It is important for people to take a broader view and to try to put these things in perspective to understand what is happening now, but to see where things are going in the future and to plot a way to deal with it.”

“The media needs its crisis du jour,” Valentine continues. “The news can’t last more than 24 hours without being refreshed; you need a new headline to get people’s attention so you can sell them something. Of course partisan political politics is poison and does nothing to help. The endless bickering creates the political gridlock within the government we see; meanwhile the bureaucracies grow more powerful.

“When I first started studying the DEA, I looked at its predecessor organization, the Bureau of Narcotics, which was created in 1930. It had a $3 million budget and 300 agents up until 1968. Now there are 600 agents in New York City alone, and the industry is so profitable that Congress gives the DEA around $20 billion annually. It has something called the Special Operations Division which was featured by Reuters a couple days ago [August 5, 2013].

“The DEA’s Special Operations Division was created in 1994 to go after Colombian head of the Medellín cartel Pablo Escobar. It was a unit of about 12 people from the CIA, FBI, and NSA organized on the Phoenix model. It used the latest surveillance technology to find Escobar. Over the last 20 years, the SOD has become a giant Phoenix-type center in the DEA with hundreds of agents. Through the NSA, they listen in on everyone’s conversations on the pretext that someone might have something to do with drug trafficking. This information is used for political and economic purposes by the bureaucrats who have run these operations for ten years. After they get out of the NSA or DEA or CIA the bosses go to work for corporations that benefit from the knowledge they’ve acquired through these secret surveillance operations, because, despite what they say publicly, they are not throwing away the extraneous information. They’re using it for their personal benefit. It really pays nowadays to get involved in the domestic spy business as a DEA or CIA agent, because you’re set for life. It’s another way the CIA has corrupted our society.”

“The facts are all there; but one needs to dig deeper than network news.” – Douglas Valentine.

When White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer recently told reporters at a White House press conference that he expects “greater enforcement” of federal marijuana prohibition by the US Justice Department (Feb.23), he said, “I think that when you see something like the opioid addiction crisis blossoming in so many states around this country, the last thing we should be doing is encouraging people. There is still a federal law that we need to abide by.” This is a classic case of misdirection.

Every year since the 2002 US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, CIA protected and funded drug producers and traffickers have increased poppy crop production there to record levels, nearly if not every year. Afghanistan is producing up to 90 percent of the world’s opium. Marijuana has exactly nothing to do with increased use of opiates anywhere in the world, including here in the US, but CIA assets and drug traffickers such as Ahmed Wali Karzai (assassinated in 2011 by a bodyguard), the brother of CIA-installed Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai, and CIA-favored warlords like Gul Agha Sherzai controlling the opium trade certainly do have a lot to do with increased use. As Valentine points out when writing about the “politics of corruption” (in the chapter “What We Really Learned from Vietnam”), “The CIA felt it was necessary to enlist Sherzai in order to consolidate the power of its drug smuggling, money-laundering, land-stealing clique of warlords. In my opinion, the National Security Establishment was always after control of the drugs and money.”

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about the ins and outs of the CIA and the National Security State, in this case certainly the darker, seamier, threatening side. A warning though- it is not exactly a cheering read, about those who are supposed to be protecting the nation from Bad Guys. because once you’ve read this book, you’ll know for a fact that the bad guys we really need to be concerned about are most likely not the pesky foreign “terrorists,” looking to get us all, but are rather those already entrenched in our CIA, DEA, and other national security operations. They are the Secret Team, the Shadow Government, and the “Illuminati” of fiction has nothing on them. These men and women have their fingers in every pie and pocket. If they play their cards right and toe the company line, they are taken care of for life, as Valentine relates in the chapter “Top Secret America Reward System,” the story of a now retired deep cover agent recruited out of the US marines in South Vietnam.

As Valentine puts it in the final chapter (“The War on Terror as the Greatest Covert Op Ever”), “Emanating from the super-secret CIA, which informs every other government bureaucracy, this criminal enterprise corrupts every social and political movement in America, forming consumers of myths and commodities into a moat of true believers that surrounds the Establishment elite that oppresses them. It’s a perfect system, stabilized by manufactured crises du jour, and ineluctably heading in a predictable direction.

“In the next national emergency- the next financial meltdown or environmental catastrophe- cadres will be mobilized, shout slogans, and appeal to our traditional values or diversity. Their managers will review reports about suspicious activities of terrorist surrogates. The definition of a terrorist will be expanded to include people deemed dangerous to the Public Order, at which point the non-believers will be arrested on criminal charges for political offenses, like protesting climate change.

“It’s not hard to imagine a few of the most highly motivated cadres grabbing ropes and forming lynch mobs, and going after those who refused to stand for the National Anthem.
Only five percent of the people need to be organized in this fashion to install a fascist dictator in the United States. That is the ultimate objective of the greatest covert operation ever, the one in which the oligarchs steal everything you own.”


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